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Submitted on
November 16, 2012


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Attention, citizens, workers and soldiers of the N.U.S.S.R.! All troops deployed anywhere in the known galaxy are forthwith ordered to return to the Alpha Centurai system, IMMEDIATLY, and report to your staging bases. A strange virus has been dectected on Epsilon Prime, and all military forces readily availible are to fight the results, which have been found to be highly resistant to both flames and blades. ALL Soviet citizens who are currently off world are to REMAIN WHERE YOU ARE, and NOT return to the Motherland, to reduce casualties. All Carnaithinian Marines and Navy forces have been ordered to return home, and they have been told NOT to return unless absolutely nessecary. All space travel in and out of the Alpha Centuari system has now been put on lockdown, and absolutely NO ship not bearing UN humanitarian identification codes bound for Epsilon Prime will be allowed to pass; deadly force has been authorized to enforce this.   To anyone and everyone who has seen or been in contact with the infected are ordered to:
1. Report yourself to a biological control facility IMMEDIATLY.
2. Get as far away from other civilians as possible.  
3. contact the closest Shock Trooper, and follow his directions to the letter.
(These directions apply the UN and Carnaithinian forces as well, none are exempt)

May the Soviet Union weather this storm, so we may emerge victorious!
TF141john Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
oh shit, this is gonna be good!
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